Geoffrey Bartlett Sculptures

Artwork by Geoffrey Bartlett



Aluminium, Coloured Lights

75 x 92 x 90 cm

Collection of the artist

Exhibited: 2009, Albert St Gallery, Richmond. 2010, McClelland Sculpture Park Group Show, Lumen. 2014, 45 Downstairs Melbourne, Confluence, Joint show with Rhonda Baum

Photograph by John Gollings (coloured lights), Emily Bartlett

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Light is something we seldom consciously perceive in our everyday lives - It's simply there, only coming to the forefront of our attention in the case of particularly striking natural or artificial effects. We so often perceive shadows only vaguely, and not as having form in their own right, but as absences. If light is something not consciously considered, then it might be said that shadow is also not consciously considered.

This work 'Dusk' asks us to consciously reconsider light and shadow by altering our perception of it's nature through the use of colour, and through subtle illusion which breaks the symmetry between them: Light which casts distorted and unreal shadow, and shadow which achieve independence from light entirely.

Steve Wright
Lightwell Design