Geoffrey Bartlett Sculptures

Reviews, Articals and Essays

Catalogue Essays

The Recent Sculptures of Geoffrey Bartlett
by Dr Ken Wach

Intimate Engagement: Geoffrey Bartlett's recent works, 2004
by Elena Taylor

Silver Cloud in, Geoffrey Bartlett: Silver Cloud, 2001
by Ken Wach

The art of refinement, 2001
by Caroline Field

Geoffrey Bartlett: Sculpture 1977-1994, 1994
by Katrina Rumley

The Quantum Leap, 1994
by Ken Scarlett

Reviews and Articles

Sculptor Geoffrey Bartlett recalls the anguish behind his latest show
by Andrew Stephens

The satisfaction of completeness
by Kerry-Anne Cousins

Art of instinct and identity, 2007
by Sasha Grishin

Lost in (inner) space, 2007
by Harbant Gill

The shape of things to come, 2007
by Andrew Stephens

Billycarts and cubby houses, 2004
by Louise Bellamy

Shaping a space, 2003
by Chris Beck

Volume and Sensuality, 2002
by Nancy Sever